Protecting Your Children with SpyBubble

Cell Phone MonitoringThe focus on purchasing cell phone tracking software such as the product offered by SpyBubble is typically about catching the person you are monitoring in mischief or misdeeds. However, the SpyBubble cell phone spy software is about much more than just this. It is also about protecting your children from the various threats they are exposed to on a daily basis.

The Threats Your Kids your Kids are Exposed To

With or without a smartphone, your child is exposed to the threats listed below. When you as a parent buy them a smartphone without the SpyBubble cell phone spy running on it all sorts of threats are opened to your children such as:

  • Predators trying to contact them
  • Bullies sending text messages
  • The wrong friends communicating with them
  • Getting lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood
  • No street smarts

The cell phone spy app provided by SpyBubble gives you tools to deal with these threats. Keep reading and find out more.


Protecting from the Outside Threats

It is one thing when your children are pressured by peers who are a bad influence and lead them to trouble. It is another when there are strangers or bullies making the advances on them.

Somehow, predators get your child’s smartphone number and then try to contact your child to meet. Without the SpyBubble cell phone spy and its ability to read text messages from SMS, email, WhatsApp, iMessage (for iPhones), and BBM (for BlackBerry smartphones), you would never have a clue as to this happening.

It is the same with bullies. Bullies these days will send threats to your child using text messaging through smartphones. Here again, with the SpyBubble cell phone tracking system you can see these messages and intervene if you need to.

Protecting from the Wrong Friends

Not everyone that your child calls a friend is actually his friend but this fact falls on deaf ears at times. Again, with the SpyBubble cell phone spy you can see with whom your child is communicating with on a regular basis by using a combination of the captured call logs and the names/numbers in the contacts file.

Taking Care of Your Teenager When Lost

Then there is the situation where your teenager is lost in a neighborhood that she is not familiar with. The SpyBubble cell phone tracking system with its GPS tracking can help you direct your daughter back home and to safety.

Protecting Those with No Street Smarts

“Street Smarts” is really slang for knowing how to take care of yourself in a potentially hostile or risky environment. However, your teenagers are typically not old enough to have any street smarts.

You as a parent have been around for awhile so you know a little about street smarts and you know when your teenager is approaching a potentially dangerous situation.

This is where the cell phone tracking product offered by Mobile Spy helps you cover for your kids who have little if any street smarts. You can track their location and right away determine if the environment they are in is dangerous.

Are you now convinced that the cell phone spy software offered by SpyBubble can help you as a parent when it comes to protecting your child? Don’t buy a smartphone for your child without having this important cell phone tracking software installed on it. Order your subscription to the SpyBubble cell phone tracking system before you turn the smartphone over to your child.

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