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WhatsApp SpyUsing a WhatsApp Spy Software on Your Employee’s Smartphone

These days, employers issue smartphones to their employees to help them with their jobs. These employees could have jobs such as delivery driver, on-site technician, marketing/sales rep, and others.

In each case, the smartphone given to them is intended for work purposes only but the temptation to use them otherwise is great. The chat application WhatsApp is one potential area for misuse which is why as an employer you need to run a WhatsApp spy app on their devices.

The Situations

Users of smartphones like to use WhatsApp because it uses the internet as the message conduit and is free. Thus, a person can spend hours chatting. Employers will find that without a WhatsApp spy running on the smartphones of their employees that troublesome situations arise such as:

  • Incredible time-wasting doing WhatsApp chats about nonsense subjects
  • Spreading damaging gossip about the company
  • Harassing other employees
  • Trying to cover tracks thinking WhatsApp is not monitored

Time-wasting is probably your greatest risk of giving your employee a smartphone without a WhatsApp spy running on it.

However when you do install a WhatsApp spy on these devices, things change. Keep reading.

The Features of a WhatsApp Spy Software

The main feature of a WhatsApp spy is that it supports sending text messages from this app. However, this feature is part of an overall cell phone tracking app that does other basic things such as:

  • Logs phone call activities
  • Sends the full text of all SMS and email messages
  • Tracks the location of a smartphone using GPS
  • Logs websites visited from the monitored smartphone
  • Monitors changes to the monitored device’s contacts, calendar, and task files

Thus, you get not only a WhatsApp spy but at least the above basic features as well. The different vendors have different perks in addition to the above. You get a comprehensive package for monitoring the activities of your employees carrying company-issued smartphones.

Don’t leave yourself open to any of these troublesome situations. Visit a WhatsApp spy vendor’s website, order a subscription, and install the software on employee smartphones before you issue them.

Get Up and Running with a WhatsApp Spy App

mspyNot all cell phone spy product vendors support WhatsApp message tracking. Make sure you choose one that does by reading the features list on its website. Some examples of WhatsApp spy vendors include mSpy, SpyBubble, StealthGenie, and Mobile Spy. Mobile Spy 7 day free trial available for download.

Once you have chosen your preferred WhatsApp spy vendor, follow these steps to get up and running:

Step 1. Get control of the smartphone that you will monitor.

Step 2. Purchase the WhatsApp spy product from the chosen vendor.

Step 3. Download and install the app on the smartphone to monitor.

Step 4. View the WhatsApp messages that are sent to your subscriber control panel.

As soon as the software is installed on the smartphone to be monitored, it silently works sending WhatsApp chat logs along with other logs to the vendor’s server for access by the subscriber control panel.

As an employer, you put yourself at too much risk for lost employee productivity and other problems when you don’t run a WhatsApp spy on the smartphones of those you oversee.

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