Java Bot 1.0

JavaBot is a chat bot for the AOL Instant Messanger system. It is designed to attempt to engage in conversation with people via IM. The bot supports such features as remote administration and full conversation logging. There is also a mechanism for eavesdropping on conversations other people are having with the bot. All administration is handled over IM thus allowing remote administration. Using a simple scripting language, the bot’s conversational responses can be modified to taste. The possibilities are limitless.

The bot archatecture also serves as a framework for creating your own Java bots. It is as simple as writing one function and implementing an interface. See the tutorial on creating your own Java bot for details.

You can chat with the bot on the following screen names: B0HA (with a zero), and B0tk1ng (with a zero and a one)

To access the administration commands, send an IM to the bot containing the following string: #! On the list that is returned, substitute a screen name for SN.

Download Java Bot 1.0