Java Bot 2.0

JavaBot 2.0 is a fully re-engineered implementation of the original JavaBot. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Plugin based architecture.
  • Multiple simultaneous connected screen names over multiple simultaneous IM protocols.
  • Built in support for AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger.
  • Dynamically loaded line processors.
  • Rich development API for plugin developers.
  • Cross screen name/protocal conversation spying.
  • Cross screen name/protocal conversation initiation.
  • Cross screen name/protocal conversation interjections.
  • XML based configuration.
  • Full conversation logging.
  • Dynamically controlled console verbosity.
  • Optional ANSI console color.
  • XML web service based weather reports.
  • Optional remote access to the system console via IM!

The bot architecture also serves as a framework for creating your own Java bots. It’s plugin based design allows extension with drag and drop simplicity.

You can chat with the bot on the following screen names:
AIM: B0HA (with a zero)
AIM: B0tk1ng (with a zero and a one)
Yahoo: Bjorn_P_Svenson
MSN: Bjorn_P_Svenson

To access the administration commands, send an IM to the bot containing the following string: #! Type HELP for more information.