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KingoRoot – one click Android root app


KingoRoot is one of the most popular one-click rooting apps. It allows you to root your Android device in

HTML Proxy

This program is designed to circumvent oppressive web proxies. It is a pair of servlets, one for HTML and one for binary resources, that allow the user to request blocked web pages via a third party site. I created this solution rather quickly and thus it is not perfect. The proxy servlets can handle most web pages, but some with complex, obscure, or unconventional HTML don’t work quite right. Hope you can put these to use.

This program requires a servlet container (Apache Tomcat for example) to run.


Battle Tetris

Battle Tetris is a simple, no-frills, two-player Tetris clone. The premiss is simple. You and a opponent battle against each other head-to-head. Each time a player makes a two or four line combo, two or four lines of junk is added to the opponent’s pile. First pile to the top looses.

I wrote this program as a challenge to try to figure out the logic of the classic Tetris game. After several failed attemps, I finally got it. This program has several unique archatectural features. First off, the TetrisBoard class is a self contained class representing the game. It handles all game logic and collision checking, as well as serving as a viewport for the board to draw itself on.

When it came to the board, I came to the conclusion that it was nothing more than a two

Java Bot 2.0

JavaBot 2.0 is a fully re-engineered implementation of the original JavaBot. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Plugin based architecture.
  • Multiple simultaneous connected screen names over multiple simultaneous IM protocols.
  • Built in support for AIM, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger.
  • Dynamically loaded line processors.
  • Rich development API for plugin developers.
  • Cross screen name/protocal conversation spying.
  • Cross screen name/protocal conversation initiation.
  • Cross screen name/protocal conversation interjections.
  • XML based configuration.
  • Full conversation logging.
  • Dynamically controlled console verbosity.
  • Optional ANSI console

Java Bot 1.0

JavaBot is a chat bot for the AOL Instant Messanger system. It is designed to attempt to engage in conversation with people via IM. The bot supports such features as remote administration and full conversation logging. There is also a mechanism for eavesdropping on conversations other people are having with the bot. All administration is handled over IM thus allowing remote administration. Using a simple scripting language, the bot’s conversational responses can be modified to taste. The possibilities are limitless.

The bot archatecture also serves as a framework for creating your own Java bots. It is as simple as writing one function and implementing an interface. See the tutorial on creating your own Java


Wordsearch is, well, a wordsearch program in Java written by myself and Matthew Vreeke. It allows for the creation of wordsearch puzzles. The program comes in two parts, an administrative program and a client. The administration program places the words and creates the puzzle files. The client can open these files and solve the wordsearch. This program would be particularly usefull in an educational environment.

Unfortunantly, this program has a a major flaw in its drawing code that prevets it from painting properly on a windows box, and due to deadlines, a repair was not possible. A large restructuring job is ahead to fix this. Fortunantly, the programs work fine under Mac OS X and Linux. Nonetheless, this program exibits some interesting design structures that somone may find

KeePass Password Manager


We live in a world where you have to remember a password for just about any type of computer access. This includes the password for your computer, your Internet, your email, and even your FTP account for your website. The list of websites that require a password is endless.

The Problem With Passwords

Passwords serve the purpose of limiting who has access to your account. In order to get into an

Phone Spy Software

phone spy

Have you ever heard about the phone spy software? It is an amazing tool that is being utilized by parents all around the globe. Cell phone spy software equips parents with an extra set of eyes. It is first important that you take the time to know what you want in a cell phone spy software. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a product that is not meeting your needs.