Phone Spy Software

phone spy

Have you ever heard about the phone spy software? It is an amazing tool that is being utilized by parents all around the globe. Cell phone spy software equips parents with an extra set of eyes. It is first important that you take the time to know what you want in a cell phone spy software. Otherwise, you may be stuck with a product that is not meeting your needs.


Not only is the model of the phone important, the operating system is as well. You will notice that the spy software will cater its features around the type of operating system that you have. Not all features are offered with all the operating systems, that is why it is important that you understand which features will go with the system that you will be monitoring.

Top spy software companies will continually update their list of supported cell phones. Also, be aware that all iPhones will need to be Jailbroken before the software can be installed. If you want to spy on iPhone without Jailbreak, check out this article.

Internet Access

In order for the spy software to work, the targeted phone must have internet access. All monitoring is done through the internet, so cell phones that do not have internet capability will not be compatible with a spy software system.

Is This Spy Phone Software Legal?

Cell phone spy software is legal, but there are guidelines. You must be aware of the legalities with the software that you purchase. Some of the software will say that you must be the owner of the phone, or have authority over it to use their spy software. These softwares will also tell you that you legally have to tell the user that they are being monitored.
It is legal to monitor cell phone usage, but you need to take the time to know all the legalities of the cell phone spy software that you choose to purchase. Monitoring a user’s cell phone is a delicate subject, and top monitoring companies will do everything possible to ensure the users privacy is always intact.